What Qualifications Are Needed To Secure a Job in Corporate Management

Getting started in a career in corporate management can be very daunting, especially if you are unsure as to whether or not you are qualified for the position. My advice in this situation would be to do some research into suitable positions in your local area and look at what employers are asking for. There are in fact a few different ways that you can get into corporate management with some people choosing to go for a lower position and work their way up the corporate ladder, an alternative to this would be to look at what kind of schemes are available at local colleges to see what other opportunities may be available.


GCSE Level to Apprenticeship

It is a common misconception that going from GCSE grade straight into an apprenticeship is the wrong thing to do and that it will leave you in a lower position in comparison to those with higher-level qualifications, This simply isn’t the case with some of the greatest business success stories originating from a GCSE apprenticeship.


Getting an apprenticeship at a younger age than most allows you to learn valuable lessons in corporate management whilst allowing you to earn a reasonable salary for your age. If you are somebody who is certain that this is the career for you then going straight into an apprenticeship without wasting time on further education may be the best thing for you. If you are sure that you would rather avoid further education then there is no point in wasting time doing something you are not totally invested in.


A-Level to Apprenticeship

The great thing about going further with your education is the fact that it allows you to direct your career in a more specific direction, if you have a specific area of corporate management that you would like a career in then doing A- levels can help you to refine your skills. An example of this would be someone who would like a corporate management job in the financial sector would benefit greatly from doing A-levels like a business, finance, and mathematics. Doing this definitely makes you more desirable to employers and opens you up to a whole host of management jobs in CO or anywhere else around the globe. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting an apprenticeship from your GCSE qualifications, A-levels provide the opportunity for a person to further expand their knowledge and take extra time to consider their career.


University Degree

After A-levels, you may decide that you are not done with your education and that you wish to go onto university to get a degree, doing this is obviously down to personal preference but someone with a degree is much more likely to enter a higher position from the offset. Having a degree shows you are an expert in your field and is definitely very attractive to prospective employers, as well as the education you are also demonstrating a more advanced handle on life and that you are suited to a role in corporate management.