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Month: June 2021

Science Education: What is Vape Juice Actually Made of?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you will have noticed just how popular vaping has become. It is hard to go anywhere these days without accidentally wandering into a cloud of sweet vapor. For a lot of us, this is a welcome change.  Every day more and more smokers are putting down their cigarettes and picking up a vape pen.  

Research shows that vaping is far less damaging than smoking and so the general public has been encouraged to swap out their usual nicotine products for vaping.  Many people have done just this without little question due to the many appealing aspects associated with vaping. There are not only the obvious health benefits of using vapes over cigarettes, but the smell is also much more appealing and the cost of vaping is much lower than smoking cigarettes. 

The accessibility of vapes is also what makes vaping so appealing, you can find stores dedicated to vaping and vape-related products. These days you don’t even need to leave the house to be able to access vaping products.  If you want to buy a new vape pen or vape juice, then you can buy it from an online vape shop.  

Even though the world has been so open to the introduction of vaping, we haven’t been as open to looking into how vapes and vape products actually work.  It is important to understand the products that we put into our bodies, but this is also something that many of us don’t really think about. Here is what vape juice is actually made of.  


What are the vape juices made of? 

Now we can not pinpoint an exact recipe for all vape juice as every vape juice company has its own individual recipe. However, a lot of companies share similar ingredient profiles. 

The ingredient list for your standard vape juice is actually really basic. You can expect to find Propylene Glycol(PG), Vegetable Glycerin(VG)GV, water, flavoring, and nicotine. These ingredients are nothing special, so there is very little to worry about in terms of consumption. It is important to remember that some vape juices are sold without any nicotine, so if you are someone that is looking to vape without nicotine there are options out there for you.  


How is vape juice made? 

Though the ingredients that are used to make vape juice are extremely simple, the production process is actually quite lengthy.  Being able to successfully make a quality vape juice is all about getting the measurements perfect, especially when it comes to the nicotine element of the vape.  Adding flavoring to your vape juice is an essential part of the creation process, as this is one of the main elements that set your vape apart from just smoking. Without the taste, a lot of people would be hesitant to make the change to vaping instead of smoking. 

Once the company has mastered the measurements they want to go with, they add flavorings to the PG and VG base. This is thoroughly mixed and shaken, to ensure that the ingredients are properly blended together. Once the flavorings are mixed, nicotine is then added to the mixture. This is then left to sit for up to three days, as this allows the flavor to become much more prominent. This is a process known as steeping, which many industries do to try and heighten the flavor profiles of their products.  


Why do we use PG and VG in vape juice? 

Both Vegetable glycerin and Propylene glycol are actually extremely common products that can be found in most food products. The main reason that these ingredients are used within a long list of products is for preservation.  

As well as being used for preservation, the main use of PG and VG in vape juice is for diluting. Without the use of these ingredients, the mixture would be far too concentrated for use.  

A common mistake that is made by people that aren’t too familiar with VG is thinking that VG is the same as ethylene glycol, which can be found within products such as ant-freeze. This very common confusion leads many people to believe that vape juice isn’t entirely safe, when this really isn’t the case. Vegetable glycerin is actually an extremely harmless ingredient that can be found in coconuts or soya beans, so you don’t have to worry about potentially ingesting anything toxic.  



Another very important aspect of vape juice is nicotine. For people who are vaping as a means to quit smoking, having access to a source of nicotine is an essential part of being able to quit cigarettes altogether. It is also a much healthier alternative to all of the nasty ingredients that can be found within cigarettes.  

A lot of companies offer a way of slowing detaching yourself from a nicotine addiction by lowering the doses of the nicotine that can be found within the vape juices. The amount of nicotine found within the vape juice is usually measured in mg or ml. The more powerful vapes can reach concentrations of around 18mg.  

Remember that when purchasing your vape liquid it is important to purchase the vape juice from a reputable source. There are plenty of businesses out there that claim to produce a quality product, but that is not always the case.  

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Why Cultural Studies are so Important for Society

Countries worldwide have massively different cultures. This is something that there has been a lot of studies into as it was difficult for people to figure out why even though we are all human and similar that we have such different cultures. People often wonder why they act so differently to people in different parts of the world. Cultural difference can sometimes cause issues as in your culture something may not be seen as offensive, but it could be in a different culture. This cultural difference exists on many levels and has a varying degree of consequences, in the past different cultures led to wars over disagreements between various countries, luckily now people are much more educated in cultural studies so it is unlikely any wars will break out over this anytime soon. However, there are still issues that are caused by culture clashes, this can include something as simple as buying a birthday gift for someone of a different culture and it not being the right gift, If you’re buying a gift for a friends child who is of a different culture to you then you may be worried about what to get them, luckily there is een goede site voor verjaardagscadeaus voor 12-jarige meisjes and other girls and boys around that age. Cultural studies are extremely important to society and we’re about to delve into why this is. 

What are cultural studies?

Cultural studies is a relatively new field of research, the importance of cultural studies was made prominent by 2 men: Raymond Williams and Richard Hoggart. These 2 men brought to the attention of millions of people how important cultural studies are for our society. These men were taken seriously at the time as they started advocating for it not long after World War. These 2 men realized how different various cultures were and wanted to figure out why this was the case. People could live similar lives, the same number of siblings, the same level of education, the same job, etc, and they would still be massively different due to the culture that they grew up in. This baffled these 2 men and they believed that finding the answer to why there were differences would help society in the long run. 


Why are they important?

The importance and recognition of the usefulness of cultural studies arose just after World War 2. It had been a difficult few decades internationally with the first World War breaking out in 1914 and lasting till 1918 and shortly after in 1939 World War 2 broke out and lasted till 1945. These years were absolutely devastating, millions of people were killed worldwide, millions more were seriously injured, and many people lost their livelihoods due to fighting on their land. People wanted to prevent a war like this from ever happening again, cultural studies have helped us to achieve this by understanding how other people think and why they think the way they do give us a much better chance of all living in harmony. 

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