Why Cultural Studies are so Important for Society

Countries worldwide have massively different cultures. This is something that there has been a lot of studies into as it was difficult for people to figure out why even though we are all human and similar that we have such different cultures. People often wonder why they act so differently to people in different parts of the world. Cultural difference can sometimes cause issues as in your culture something may not be seen as offensive, but it could be in a different culture. This cultural difference exists on many levels and has a varying degree of consequences, in the past different cultures led to wars over disagreements between various countries, luckily now people are much more educated in cultural studies so it is unlikely any wars will break out over this anytime soon. However, there are still issues that are caused by culture clashes, this can include something as simple as buying a birthday gift for someone of a different culture and it not being the right gift, If you’re buying a gift for a friends child who is of a different culture to you then you may be worried about what to get them, luckily there is een goede site voor verjaardagscadeaus voor 12-jarige meisjes and other girls and boys around that age. Cultural studies are extremely important to society and we’re about to delve into why this is. 

What are cultural studies?

Cultural studies is a relatively new field of research, the importance of cultural studies was made prominent by 2 men: Raymond Williams and Richard Hoggart. These 2 men brought to the attention of millions of people how important cultural studies are for our society. These men were taken seriously at the time as they started advocating for it not long after World War. These 2 men realized how different various cultures were and wanted to figure out why this was the case. People could live similar lives, the same number of siblings, the same level of education, the same job, etc, and they would still be massively different due to the culture that they grew up in. This baffled these 2 men and they believed that finding the answer to why there were differences would help society in the long run. 


Why are they important?

The importance and recognition of the usefulness of cultural studies arose just after World War 2. It had been a difficult few decades internationally with the first World War breaking out in 1914 and lasting till 1918 and shortly after in 1939 World War 2 broke out and lasted till 1945. These years were absolutely devastating, millions of people were killed worldwide, millions more were seriously injured, and many people lost their livelihoods due to fighting on their land. People wanted to prevent a war like this from ever happening again, cultural studies have helped us to achieve this by understanding how other people think and why they think the way they do give us a much better chance of all living in harmony.