6 Tried and Tested Techniques to Improving your Memory For Studying

Studying. The great divider. To some, studying is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Enriching their life and expanding their horizons. To others, studying is a brutal necessity. A slog they must push through to pass exams or move up in their career field.

No matter how you feel about it, studying is an integral part of our development as people. And it goes beyond simple classroom studying. Doing research on your new favorite hobby. Fact-finding about your favorite band. All of this is studying in its own way.

But today we want to focus on how to make studying an easier and more rewarding experience. And to do that you need to first exercise one of the most important muscles in your body. Your Mind. So we have collected 6 Tried and Tested techniques that are guaranteed to improve your memory. Keep in mind, not every technique will yield results for you. People are built differently after all.

Memory Cards

The simplest and perhaps most efficient memory-improving technique out there. All you need is a series of cards showing an image. Fruit. Animals. Whatever. And they need to be in pairs. Lay them out face up and try to memorize where the pairs are. Then flip them. Your aim is to flip matching pairs without making any mistakes.

Note down how many pairs you found without mistake and how many mistakes you made. This game helps strengthen your visual memory and spatial awareness at the same time. Plus it is a bit of fun seeing how few mistakes you can make.

Phone Numbers

This technique is used to assess cognitive function in people who haven’t slept in a long time or those suffering from a head injury. The aim is to look at a phone number and try to memorize it. Then turn around and immediately write the number down from memory. Make sure you pick a number you don’t already know. This will improve your short-term memory and mental numeracy skills all at once.

Mock Exams

This is a ‘two-birds with one-stone’ approach to improving both your memory and studying skills. Mock exams are a great way to train your mind to deal with exam situations while also testing your recollection and information retrieval skills. I regularly use the cfa level 2 mock exam on my clients and after a few sessions notice a significant improvement. Remember the key is to cut yourself some slack. If your results aren’t as good as you had hoped to start with, don’t stress. They will improve with time.

Mental Maths

It may seem silly practicing mental arithmetic when we walk around with powerful calculators in our pockets every day now. But mental maths is about more than just honing your mathematical skills. It is also a powerful memory-building tool.

The action of calling up the correct equations and formulas in your head to work out the answer to a sum is fantastic for the brain. And, if your field of study involves maths then this is a double whammy as you are also improving your maths skills. A great way to start is with basic sums. Addition, subtraction. Then work up to division, long-division. Complex equations and fractions. There are plenty of fantastic tools online to test yourself against as well, to see if you can stand amongst the quick maths masters.

Notes From Memory

Taking notes is the cornerstone of studying. The act of writing down information as you hear it has been proven to strengthen the memory recollection of said information. But a great way to really flex your memory muscles is to attempt to re-write your notes from memory. Take a moment to sit down and read over your notes. Do this a couple of times to try to familiarise yourself with them. Then, turn them over and try to write them out again. See how close you get it. This will, not only solidify your knowledge of the subject but improve your memory overall.

Writing a Song

Nothing is more memorable than a catchy tune. You know what it’s like when you have a song stuck in your head. And this power can be used for studying as well. If you are musically inclined you might consider writing up a catchy song containing the information you need to learn. If you aren’t there are hundreds of educational songs online to help get that info stuck in your brain.