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The African American workmanship world has had a significant, yet now and again a disregarded impact on the American people group from the beginning of time. African American specialists have chronicled the battles and the accomplishments of African Americans all through the previous a few hundred years.

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Why Marine Biology Is Actually a Strong Degree Choice

When it comes to choosing a degree, it is one of the hardest choices to make. Most students start university when they are 18 which is a very young age to make such a massive decision that will have such a big influence on your future. On top of this, it is also a very expensive decision to undertake a degree so it’s important to consider all the courses you’re interested in to make sure you choose the right subject. Marine Biology is an extremely interesting and also challenging subject, it doesn’t get as much attention as other subjects such as mathematics or drama but we think that should change. We think Marine Biology is one of the most fantastic courses you could pick for your undergraduate studies and it’s possible to study it all the way to the Ph.D. level.


Course Content

Marine Biology students are lucky as they get to study a whole range of fascinating topics whilst completing their degree. The courses at each university differ greatly so it’s important to find the course with modules that suit your interests most closely. As Marine Biology covers so many various topics it’s a good idea to do some research prior to beginning your degree, whether that’s looking at a 25 best freshwater aquarium fish list, how volunteers support conservation, or how the health of coral reefs affects fish, any research you do will develop your background knowledge and give you an advantage when starting your degree.


Future Career

One of the strongest points of completing a Marine Biology degree is all of the opportunities that will be available to you afterward. If you loved undergraduate study then you can continue onto masters and if you feel strongly enough you could even spend another 4 years completing a Ph.D. If your 3 years were enough there is a clear career path set for you. Most people who take this degree end up as a marine biologist. This is an interesting job, instead of a standard 9-5 job your office will be outside and you’ll be given the chance to travel to beautiful exotic locations all over the world to work with different marine life. You’ll get to see the results of your work and the positive impact it has on preserving wildlife, it is an extremely rewarding career and the only route to it is by completing a degree.


Courses Available

So many prestigious universities offer Marine Biology as an undergraduate degree, many being in large student cities but also smaller universities to giving you the choice of where you want to spend your student years. Some of the universities include the University of Aberdeen, the University of Liverpool, and Bangor University, all highly respected institutions, any employer would be delighted to accept a student from any of these backgrounds. Some universities that offer Marine Biology organize field trips allowing you to complete fieldwork whilst you study, an invaluable opportunity most courses don’t offer.

What Certificates Do You Need to go Deep-Sea Diving?

Becoming qualified for scuba diving opens up a whole host of new opportunities when it comes to discovering the underwater world, by passing your safety checks, and ensuring you know exactly what to do whilst diving you are ensuring your own and any other participants’ safety. If you are someone who is serious about getting all of the necessary certifications for deep-sea diving then there are some important factors to consider prior to booking a test. You should consider whether you are going to be suitable for the job, do some extensive research into what is required, and find any tips for scuba divers from experienced sources to give you an idea about what it is like.



Getting certified to become an officially approved deep-sea diver is actually quite simple, all you need to do is apply online and book your certification meeting. There are some rules that need to be abided by including being over the age of ten, completing a medical questionnaire, and showing that you have basic control in the water. As long as each of these requirements is met to a reasonable standard you should be certified in no time.


Scuba Gear

Every diving student should have their own gear including a mask, snorkel, and fins, there isn’t really a brand of scuba gear that is the best, and students are encouraged to find a set of gear that is suitable for them rather than chasing the expensive brands. Higher costs do not always mean the best so trying a range of different types of gear is the best way to go, when it comes to the basic diving gear you should buy a set that is comfortable for wearing for long periods as this is what is going to have the most impact on your diving experience.


Practice Dives

As part of your official certification, you will be asked to take part in practice dives to test your ability when underwater, try not to stress too much about this test going well as the instructors are there to guide you and give advice to help improve your performance. It is not a case of you getting an instant fail if you were to make a mistake and the test is used as a means of teaching rather than testing who is proficient enough to make the cut.



Although becoming a certified deep-sea diver is usually a pretty relaxed process, there are some strict procedures that you must learn before being allowed to dive at a professional standard. Every student who takes the test must be able to show that they can give directions and use the correct signaling measures whilst underwater, show how they would plan for an upcoming dive, and show that they have a high level of familiarity with the required diving equipment. Each of these safety procedures has been put in place to help avoid any incidents when you are on a dive so it is crucial these regulations are respected and carried out to a high standard in order for you to become certified.



The overall requirements for someone to get started in becoming a certified deep-sea diver are pretty basic, as long as the student is over the age of ten, has their own basic diving gear, and doesn’t have any kind of condition that would prevent them from taking part. You should be good to go, if you are in need of any information there are plenty of agencies out there that would be willing to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

What Qualifications Are Needed To Secure a Job in Corporate Management

Getting started in a career in corporate management can be very daunting, especially if you are unsure as to whether or not you are qualified for the position. My advice in this situation would be to do some research into suitable positions in your local area and look at what employers are asking for. There are in fact a few different ways that you can get into corporate management with some people choosing to go for a lower position and work their way up the corporate ladder, an alternative to this would be to look at what kind of schemes are available at local colleges to see what other opportunities may be available.


GCSE Level to Apprenticeship

It is a common misconception that going from GCSE grade straight into an apprenticeship is the wrong thing to do and that it will leave you in a lower position in comparison to those with higher-level qualifications, This simply isn’t the case with some of the greatest business success stories originating from a GCSE apprenticeship.


Getting an apprenticeship at a younger age than most allows you to learn valuable lessons in corporate management whilst allowing you to earn a reasonable salary for your age. If you are somebody who is certain that this is the career for you then going straight into an apprenticeship without wasting time on further education may be the best thing for you. If you are sure that you would rather avoid further education then there is no point in wasting time doing something you are not totally invested in.


A-Level to Apprenticeship

The great thing about going further with your education is the fact that it allows you to direct your career in a more specific direction, if you have a specific area of corporate management that you would like a career in then doing A- levels can help you to refine your skills. An example of this would be someone who would like a corporate management job in the financial sector would benefit greatly from doing A-levels like a business, finance, and mathematics. Doing this definitely makes you more desirable to employers and opens you up to a whole host of management jobs in CO or anywhere else around the globe. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting an apprenticeship from your GCSE qualifications, A-levels provide the opportunity for a person to further expand their knowledge and take extra time to consider their career.


University Degree

After A-levels, you may decide that you are not done with your education and that you wish to go onto university to get a degree, doing this is obviously down to personal preference but someone with a degree is much more likely to enter a higher position from the offset. Having a degree shows you are an expert in your field and is definitely very attractive to prospective employers, as well as the education you are also demonstrating a more advanced handle on life and that you are suited to a role in corporate management.

5 Great Ways to Raise Money For School Charity Day

Whether you’re looking for a new way to get the kids re-engaged with school life, or if you’re simply wanting to do some good and give something back to the community or wider world, charity is an excellent way to teach your students about the significance and impact of kindness and generosity for society, something that is arguably hard to find nowadays. The wonderful thing, you’ll be glad to hear is that there are an unbelievable amount of ways to support charities, whether local or larger scale, and once you arrange which charity you will be supporting and make contact with them to let them know you’re hoping to make a considerable donation then the only thing left to do is to decide how you’re going to raise some money. But never fear, here are 5 great ways you can raise money for your school charity day.


Host a Bake Sale

One of the most popular ways to raise money for charity is undoubtedly the bake sale, and after you indulge in some super sweet treats it’ll be easy to see why it is such a hit. Whether you and the staff come together to create a whole heap of tasty treats to sell to the students or whether you send out requests for the students to bring in goods they made with their parents, there is sure to be something for everyone.



One of the easiest ways you can raise money for charity within your school is by selling wristbands. It’s simple, effective, and also a great way to spread the word of the cause beyond the charity day. You could arrange for a number of colors and styles to have something for everyone. Why not invest in some good quality dual layer wristbands to ensure your charity wristbands are even more durable and will help spread the message for longer. The beauty of selling charity wristbands is that the customization is totally up to you. They’ll not only go towards helping a good cause but will also act as a reminder of the fun charity day for years to come.


Charity Disco

One of the best parts of anybody’s school year, why not host a charity disco. The price of the tickets for the disco can go to the charity and any other party games or things like a photo booth that can be accessed by donating to charity. You could even add an extra incentive for the charity wristbands, if you wear one to the disco, you can get a free snack and drink while you dance. Whether you want to hire a DJ or if you think you can come up with a hip playlist yourself, it’s up to you.



Potentially more of an appealing means of charity for the parents, raffles are a great way to raise plenty of money for charity for items that shouldn’t break the bank. It’s up to you how small or large scale you want the raffle prizes to be, you could even have a range and adjust the ticket prices accordingly. Best to throw a bottle of wine in there for good measure, alongside prizes that will be good for the kids or even the whole family.


Non-Uniform Day

A favorite of many school kids, non-uniform days offers up the opportunity to give the kids the opportunity to express themselves for a day. It not only gives you a chance to easily raise some money for your chosen charity, but it also allows the kids to let loose for the day. It’ll also give them a chance to show off their cool new charity wristbands as well, giving the kids an element of solidarity as well.

How Are Schools And Universities Dealing with Lockdown Restrictions

Our world has been rocked by one of the worst pandemics in human history. And through it all there has been one question: How Will Schools Cope?

And it is an important question to ask. Child education is one of the most important things we have to consider when dealing with the lockdown. If a child’s education is stopped during their formative years it can be a huge detriment down the line.

Not to mention the cost of what children have already lost. Precious social time with their friends. Valuable face to face teaching. And the financial cost the parents have dealt with as well. So many parents already forked out to get the besten geschenke für schulanfänger mädchen and schoolboys. Along with the cost of stationery, uniforms, and everything else that is now going to waste.

How Is Germany Handling It

Germany has been at the forefront of the covid battle. The strict lockdown rules and a responsive government has meant the country is in a better position than some others. But they are also aware that they are not out of the wood yet. Far from it. There is still a long way to go before any sort of normality can be restored properly. And this is especially true for schools.

So how are schools and universities in Germany, and the rest of the world, handling teaching under these new restrictions?


German Priorities

Germany has managed to reopen schools to a relatively normal degree. They are making sure the cleaning procedure is improved and the schools have plenty of supplies, including disposable masks and PPE if needed. This is along with social distancing measures being put in place.

The country has announced that keeping schools open is their top priority. They have stated they will not hesitate to close down other working sectors if it means keeping schools active and open.


Online Learning

Other countries have not been so lucky in their handling of covid. This could be due to increased population size, but more often it is due to government incompetence. And this has meant that schools, while mostly reopening, are being forced to adopt new learning programs.

In England, most schools and universities are moving their teaching completely online. Making use of zoom and canvas, a lot of students have been left to wallow in their student accommodation while paying the same fees for an online course.

Certain American States are simply moving back to in-person learning across the board, although with social distancing measures in place around the schools.


No Exams

The biggest change for a lot of schools is the removal of exams. A lot of schools and mainly universities are doing away with the exam process completely and instead of replacing it with assessments or project work. This has raised a lot of questions.

Firstly, people are asking how important exams actually are if they can be done away with like this. It invalidates all previous exams or invalidates these projects. Either way, there is something seriously wrong.

Secondly, a lot of people have been asking if future generations will have to do exams or if this change will be made permanent after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. The reaction from students has been positive, with many saying the idea of no exams has reduced their stress levels considerably


Overall, most school environments are adapting quite well to this new world. But there is always the worry things will take another turn soon and tighter restrictions will have to be put into place.

Why You Should Consider A Trade Course Instead of College

Taking the next big step in your educational journey can be daunting. There are so many options available to you. On top of that, there is a lot to consider in terms of finance, scheduling, work-load commitment, and other anxieties that might arise.

Don’t panic if you are worried about any of this. It is perfectly normal and is part of the whole experience. The key is to try to narrow down your choices and find what works best for you.

And there is an option you might not have considered. Attending a trade school. But what exactly is a trade school? And is it better than a traditional college or university? Let us break it all down for you.


Trade School

A Trade School, sometimes referred to as simply a Trade Course is an institution that focuses on providing training and education in specific trade fields. This includes engineering, construction, mechanics, and other practical, labor focused industries. There are plenty of different fields to pursue in a trade school.

The biggest advantage to these is the amount of practical knowledge and experience you accumulate compared to a traditional college education. While a lot of courses in college are theoretical, trade schools are equipped with workspaces, such as garages or workrooms, allowing you to get hands-on and practice your new skills.

Another big advantage of trade schools is they often work with companies within the local community. This means there are plenty of opportunities to get work experience during your course and even find yourself a full-time job directly out of graduation.

Firms like welding mania have been recruiting engineers consistently from various trade schools nation-wide. Duplex Construction has been scouting potential workers from trade schools for years now. So trade schools offer a level of job security that other colleges often cant offer, especially in today’s climate.


Better Than College?

It can be difficult to work out exactly what type of school is going to better for your planned career. The first and most obvious thing to consider is if you want to go into any of the fields a trade school is offering training in. If not, then most likely it won’t be for you.

But, that isn’t the only way of looking at it. Trade schools and courses often run shorter than a traditional 3-4 year college course. And a lot of the theoretical information in the courses, such as engineering or construction, can be applied to the sciences or more math-based subjects. It can be wise to consider going to a trade school as a foundation for a more traditional course.

Another great advantage is the cost. Overall, Trade Schools tend to be far cheaper than their more-traditional counterparts. This is partly due to the massive amount of students that leave straight into employment. Trade schools get a lot of support from both government and businesses in the community.


The Type Of Person

Another thing to consider is if you are the right type of person to attend a trade school. This might seem like an odd statement, but it is something to consider. Trade schools require a lot of arduous, hands-on training. You will be getting messy and using your physical strength a lot.

A trade school student needs to have the energy and motivation to engage with their tasks in this way. If you are a fan of more theoretical and studious work, then a traditional course might be better suited to you. If not, you might be exactly the type of person a trade school is looking for.

The Arna Bontemps African American Museum was an exhibition hall in the United States city of Alexandria, Louisiana. The historical center was housed in the reestablished home that was the origination of the writer Arna Bontemps, famous as one of the pioneers of the Harlem Renaissance.

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