5 Great Ways to Raise Money For School Charity Day

Whether you’re looking for a new way to get the kids re-engaged with school life, or if you’re simply wanting to do some good and give something back to the community or wider world, charity is an excellent way to teach your students about the significance and impact of kindness and generosity for society, something that is arguably hard to find nowadays. The wonderful thing, you’ll be glad to hear is that there are an unbelievable amount of ways to support charities, whether local or larger scale, and once you arrange which charity you will be supporting and make contact with them to let them know you’re hoping to make a considerable donation then the only thing left to do is to decide how you’re going to raise some money. But never fear, here are 5 great ways you can raise money for your school charity day.


Host a Bake Sale

One of the most popular ways to raise money for charity is undoubtedly the bake sale, and after you indulge in some super sweet treats it’ll be easy to see why it is such a hit. Whether you and the staff come together to create a whole heap of tasty treats to sell to the students or whether you send out requests for the students to bring in goods they made with their parents, there is sure to be something for everyone.



One of the easiest ways you can raise money for charity within your school is by selling wristbands. It’s simple, effective, and also a great way to spread the word of the cause beyond the charity day. You could arrange for a number of colors and styles to have something for everyone. Why not invest in some good quality dual layer wristbands to ensure your charity wristbands are even more durable and will help spread the message for longer. The beauty of selling charity wristbands is that the customization is totally up to you. They’ll not only go towards helping a good cause but will also act as a reminder of the fun charity day for years to come.


Charity Disco

One of the best parts of anybody’s school year, why not host a charity disco. The price of the tickets for the disco can go to the charity and any other party games or things like a photo booth that can be accessed by donating to charity. You could even add an extra incentive for the charity wristbands, if you wear one to the disco, you can get a free snack and drink while you dance. Whether you want to hire a DJ or if you think you can come up with a hip playlist yourself, it’s up to you.



Potentially more of an appealing means of charity for the parents, raffles are a great way to raise plenty of money for charity for items that shouldn’t break the bank. It’s up to you how small or large scale you want the raffle prizes to be, you could even have a range and adjust the ticket prices accordingly. Best to throw a bottle of wine in there for good measure, alongside prizes that will be good for the kids or even the whole family.


Non-Uniform Day

A favorite of many school kids, non-uniform days offers up the opportunity to give the kids the opportunity to express themselves for a day. It not only gives you a chance to easily raise some money for your chosen charity, but it also allows the kids to let loose for the day. It’ll also give them a chance to show off their cool new charity wristbands as well, giving the kids an element of solidarity as well.