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Day: October 3, 2020

How Are Schools And Universities Dealing with Lockdown Restrictions

Our world has been rocked by one of the worst pandemics in human history. And through it all there has been one question: How Will Schools Cope?

And it is an important question to ask. Child education is one of the most important things we have to consider when dealing with the lockdown. If a child’s education is stopped during their formative years it can be a huge detriment down the line.

Not to mention the cost of what children have already lost. Precious social time with their friends. Valuable face to face teaching. And the financial cost the parents have dealt with as well. So many parents already forked out to get the besten geschenke für schulanfänger mädchen and schoolboys. Along with the cost of stationery, uniforms, and everything else that is now going to waste.

How Is Germany Handling It

Germany has been at the forefront of the covid battle. The strict lockdown rules and a responsive government has meant the country is in a better position than some others. But they are also aware that they are not out of the wood yet. Far from it. There is still a long way to go before any sort of normality can be restored properly. And this is especially true for schools.

So how are schools and universities in Germany, and the rest of the world, handling teaching under these new restrictions?


German Priorities

Germany has managed to reopen schools to a relatively normal degree. They are making sure the cleaning procedure is improved and the schools have plenty of supplies, including disposable masks and PPE if needed. This is along with social distancing measures being put in place.

The country has announced that keeping schools open is their top priority. They have stated they will not hesitate to close down other working sectors if it means keeping schools active and open.


Online Learning

Other countries have not been so lucky in their handling of covid. This could be due to increased population size, but more often it is due to government incompetence. And this has meant that schools, while mostly reopening, are being forced to adopt new learning programs.

In England, most schools and universities are moving their teaching completely online. Making use of zoom and canvas, a lot of students have been left to wallow in their student accommodation while paying the same fees for an online course.

Certain American States are simply moving back to in-person learning across the board, although with social distancing measures in place around the schools.


No Exams

The biggest change for a lot of schools is the removal of exams. A lot of schools and mainly universities are doing away with the exam process completely and instead of replacing it with assessments or project work. This has raised a lot of questions.

Firstly, people are asking how important exams actually are if they can be done away with like this. It invalidates all previous exams or invalidates these projects. Either way, there is something seriously wrong.

Secondly, a lot of people have been asking if future generations will have to do exams or if this change will be made permanent after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. The reaction from students has been positive, with many saying the idea of no exams has reduced their stress levels considerably


Overall, most school environments are adapting quite well to this new world. But there is always the worry things will take another turn soon and tighter restrictions will have to be put into place.

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Why You Should Consider A Trade Course Instead of College

Taking the next big step in your educational journey can be daunting. There are so many options available to you. On top of that, there is a lot to consider in terms of finance, scheduling, work-load commitment, and other anxieties that might arise.

Don’t panic if you are worried about any of this. It is perfectly normal and is part of the whole experience. The key is to try to narrow down your choices and find what works best for you.

And there is an option you might not have considered. Attending a trade school. But what exactly is a trade school? And is it better than a traditional college or university? Let us break it all down for you.


Trade School

A Trade School, sometimes referred to as simply a Trade Course is an institution that focuses on providing training and education in specific trade fields. This includes engineering, construction, mechanics, and other practical, labor focused industries. There are plenty of different fields to pursue in a trade school.

The biggest advantage to these is the amount of practical knowledge and experience you accumulate compared to a traditional college education. While a lot of courses in college are theoretical, trade schools are equipped with workspaces, such as garages or workrooms, allowing you to get hands-on and practice your new skills.

Another big advantage of trade schools is they often work with companies within the local community. This means there are plenty of opportunities to get work experience during your course and even find yourself a full-time job directly out of graduation.

Firms like welding mania have been recruiting engineers consistently from various trade schools nation-wide. Duplex Construction has been scouting potential workers from trade schools for years now. So trade schools offer a level of job security that other colleges often cant offer, especially in today’s climate.


Better Than College?

It can be difficult to work out exactly what type of school is going to better for your planned career. The first and most obvious thing to consider is if you want to go into any of the fields a trade school is offering training in. If not, then most likely it won’t be for you.

But, that isn’t the only way of looking at it. Trade schools and courses often run shorter than a traditional 3-4 year college course. And a lot of the theoretical information in the courses, such as engineering or construction, can be applied to the sciences or more math-based subjects. It can be wise to consider going to a trade school as a foundation for a more traditional course.

Another great advantage is the cost. Overall, Trade Schools tend to be far cheaper than their more-traditional counterparts. This is partly due to the massive amount of students that leave straight into employment. Trade schools get a lot of support from both government and businesses in the community.


The Type Of Person

Another thing to consider is if you are the right type of person to attend a trade school. This might seem like an odd statement, but it is something to consider. Trade schools require a lot of arduous, hands-on training. You will be getting messy and using your physical strength a lot.

A trade school student needs to have the energy and motivation to engage with their tasks in this way. If you are a fan of more theoretical and studious work, then a traditional course might be better suited to you. If not, you might be exactly the type of person a trade school is looking for.

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